Are you traveling with your dog or want to bring the dog on holiday?

It is wonderful, and sometimes necessary, to travel with or spend your holiday with your dog!

We have had many who ask if they can bring their dog here to Ullstorp but this is unfortunately not possible due to allergies.

But now we have found a dog pension that we cooperate with! It is Lilla Björn Bjelke, dog day care and animal pension, which is only 10 min by car away from us. It is Anne-Lie who takes care of the dogs and she has room for several dogs.

Björn Bjelke is out in the countryside with the forest and the nature close by, the address is: Sövröd 303, 293 94 Höör

Little Björn Bjelke is on Facebook:

Anne Lie Lindberg can be reached on mobile number: +46(0)73-763 84 78

Lilla Björn Bjelke
Lilla Björn Bjelke