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  • Rent your holiday cottage here

    in the forest, near pastures and ponds

  • We offer near nature experiences,

    hiking, swimming, bike rides or just relaxing in the grass

  • You live next to the animals that graze in the meadows

    and you can cuddle with our rabbits and feed our chickens


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  • The latest update! By / 28th March, 2018

    The latest update is available on our Facebook

    New guests By / 10th September, 2017

    We will be hosting these 16 ladies for a couple of weeks.

  • Street view our cottages! By / 10th August, 2017

    We now have street view photos of all our different cottage types and the road with fields and forest between them.

    Reser du med din hund eller vill du ta med hunden på semestern? By / 3rd February, 2017

    Nu har vi börjat med ett samarbete tillsammans med Anne-Lie och hennes Lilla Björn Bjelke som är ett hunddagis och djurpensionat.

  • The goats found the old midsummer pole By / 31st January, 2017

    The goats don’t seem to appreciate the birch leaves we’ve dried and saved for them for winter, but they happily munched away on the yellow

    Stashed until spring By / 15th January, 2017

    We brought home some ecological hay from a farmer close by. This should last until the leaves begin budding.

  • The cold has its benefits By / 8th January, 2017

    The ice on our ponds is thick enough for some skating.

    J’s spot? By / 5th January, 2017

    My daughter says this rock is her friend.

  • It’s cold By / 4th January, 2017

    Today winter came back. It looks like we’re going to have temperatures down to -13 degrees centigrade the coming days.

    Nu är vi här! By / 13th June, 2016

    Hemma, vårt paradis!
    Nu har vi bott här mer än en månad och allt rullar på i en rasade fart.


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